Wild Garlic pan fried Hake

Roasted Kilkeel Hake with Letterbox Larder Wild Garlic Seasoning



4 x 180g  Mourne Fishbox Hake Portions

20g Letterbox Larder Wild Garlic Seasoning

15ml Sunflower Oil

30g Butter


  1. Pat the fish dry with kitchen paper.
  2. Season generously with the wild garlic mix.
  3. Heat a large non stick frying pan over a medium heat.
  4. Swirl in the oil and then place the fish in skin side down.
  5. Cook for approx 2 minutes until the skin has started to crisp up.
  6. Carefully turn over and cook for about 2 minutes then toss in the butter and use it to baste the fish.
  7. Remove the fillets onto a roasting pan and pour over the buttery juices
  8. Roast for a further 6 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish.