About Us

Burren Balsamics was founded on a desire to innovate, using local ingredients and time-honoured methods. We love to champion Ireland's unbeatable produce, as we carefully infuse small-batch Balsamic Vinegar with local ingredients.  


Our journey began in 2014 when Susie made just a few bottles of Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar for a local charity fair. A few years later, respected and Master Chef of Great Britain Robert McDonald joined the team, bringing with him decades of experience within the restaurant industry.

Together, they’ve worked to develop a range of exceptional products for restaurant chefs and home cooks.    Based in Armagh, Northern Ireland, our team works to ensure high-quality products that are sustainable and ethically made, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.  

Burren Balsamic Vinegar salad dressing

We are proud to now have 43 Great Taste stars, as well as being category winners at both The Great British and Irish Food Awards. Watch our 1 minute video to find out more!