Great British Food Awards 2020 - Best New Product

We are beyond thrilled to have Won the Best New Product at the Great British Food Awards 2020 with our Irish Peat Smoked Vinegar.
It was such an honour to win this award in 2020 with a product developed and launched in the same year.
The Irish Peat Smoked Balsamic Vinegar has such a unique flavour and is delicately smoked locally. It goes perfectly with many dishes and makes a superb addition to whisky cocktails
Our Irish Peat Smoked Vinegar with its rich smokey flavour received wonderful feedback form the judges -
" A wonderfully unique tasting condiment, quite unlike anything I have tasted before. White Italian pale balsamic with rich smoky flavours of peat. Not as acidic the average balsamic, this wonderful product could easily compliment many a dish without overpowering. Also wonderful to dip a chunk of sourdough into. "
Judged by John Gill (Booths)
" If this competition was about innovation this would win, a very unusual combination but really interesting. White balsamic is very trendy and this with the peat smoke would be great for chefs to play with. I'm not sure how much the home cook would get from it but definitely something to add to pickles and things like that, would also work well with oysters, I think. "
Judged by Jack Stein
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