Burren Balsamics Double Onion Soup


  • 15g Butter
  • 20g Plain Flour
  • 250g White Onions peeled and thinly sliced
  • 25ml Roast Onion Balsamic Vinegar
  • 750ml Beef Stock (could use a vegetable stock)
  • 20g Demerara Sugar
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 100g Gruyere Cheese grated (mature cheddar would be fine)


  1. Heat the butter in a suitable sized saucepan over a moderate
  2.  Add the prepared onions and cook gently for approx 20 minutes
    until evenly browned, add the sugar halfway through this stage .
  3.  Add the Roast Onion vinegar and turn up the heat to reduce and
    concentrate the flavour.
  4. Sprinkle on the plain flour and stir well, cook gently for 5
  5. Gradually add the stock stirring well to ensure a smooth textured
  6. Simmer for a further 5 minutes
  7. Check and adjust the seasoning and consistency if required.
  8.  Turn on grill to its highest setting
  9.  Spoon into ovenproof bowls and scatter over the grated cheese.
  10.  Place under the hot grill for a couple of minutes until the cheese
    is golden brown.