Grilled Smoked Haddock with Poached Free Range Egg and Dill Hollandaise

Grilled Mourne Fishbox Smoked Haddock

Poached Free Range Hens Egg with Dill Hollandaise

Ingredients for the Smoked Haddock

4 x 180gm Natural Smoked Haddock Portions pin boned

30g Butter melted 

Freshly Ground Black Pepper 

Ingredients for the Hollandaise sauce

2 Free Range Egg Yolks

150g Butter melted

20ml Burren Balsamics Original White Condiment 

Freshly chopped Dill

10ml Lemon Juice

For the Poached Eggs

4 Free Range Eggs

10ml Burren Balsamics White Condiment 



  1. Brush a baking sheet with melted butter then place on the fish portions and  brush with the butter, season with a little black pepper.
  2. Place the fish into the fridge until ready to cook.
  3. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 175C.
  4. To make the sauce, place the egg yolks in a bowl with 10ml of cold waterplace the bowl over hot water and start to whisk.
  5. When the yolks have become pale and fluffy and you arm is ready to drop off you can now start to slowly trickle in the melted butter, whisking well to avoid the sauce splitting, when you have whisked in the melted butter season with a little pepper and add the vinegar and lemon juice.
  6. Stir in the chopped dill, cover with cling film and leave in a warm place whilst you cook the fish and poach the eggs.
  7. Place the fish into the preheated oven for about 8 minutes depending on the thickness. (If the fish hasn’t been in the fridge reduce the time slightly)
  8. To poach the eggs bring a pan of lightly salted water to a rolling boil.
  9. Crack the eggs into cups.
  10. Add the vinegar to the boiling water, slip the eggs into the boiling water.
  11. Allow the water to come back to the boil then turn until barely simmering
  12. The eggs should take about two minutes depending on the size.
  13. When cooked remove from the water with a slotted spoon and pat dry with a clean tea towel or some kitchen paper.
  14.  Lay the smoked haddock on a plate with the egg placed on the top and serve with the Hollandaise on the side.  Serve with some green vegetables like asparagus in season.