Seasonal Wild Garlic Pesto

We love this Pesto recipe.  We make it every year, keep it in the back of the fridge and it retains it's flavour for ages!


100g freshly picked Wild Garlic Leaves washed and dried

50g blanched Hazelnuts (toasted until golden)

50g Parmesan finely grated

150ml Olive Oil

15ml Original White Balsamic

 Freshly milled Black Pepper 



1.  Place all the ingredients into a food processor apart from the olive oil and blitz.  

2.  Slowly pour in the olive oil until blended then add the balsamic.

3.  Season with a little black pepper.

4. If it is a liitle thick,  trickle in a bit more oilve oil until you get the consisitency that you like


Use for pasta, mash, dipping or a base for a salad dressing.

Best kept refrigerated!